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Serving the citizens of Boston Heights, Hudson, Munroe Falls, Silver Lake, and Stow



My Top Priorities for Summit County:

  • Safety and Security - Coordination of resources at the local, state and federal level to make our schools and communities safer, reduce repeat offending, and help families impacted by poverty, gun violence and addiction.  I support fully prepared and resourced emergency management and criminal justice organizations.
  • Health, Wellness, and Age-Friendly Programs - Expansion of inclusivity and intergenerational opportunities for all citizens of Summit County.  I will prioritize policies that improve the quality of life for seniors, the disabled, and individuals struggling with mental health challenges.
  • Environmental Policies and Programs - Policies that protect the environment and conserve natural resources.  I love to be out in nature enjoying our wonderful Summit County Metro Parks!  I want future generations to enjoy fresh air, clean water, and thriving ecosystems.  Sustainability is a priority.   
  • Government Efficiency, Efficacy, and Accountability -  Government organizations that are informed by data and evidence-based practices; with the policies, training, and technology needed to achieve their missions.  Facilitate the use of university, state and federal expertise and resources to deliver programs with better outcomes and lower costs. 
  • Infrastructure - Work with local officials to maintain and invest in our roads, bridges, sewers, and other projects that facilitate economic development, job growth, and quality of life.
  • Make Summit County a place where people want to live, not just be from.  Invest in parks, libraries, artistic and cultural centers and events.

County government provides essential services that enhance the health, safety, and welfare of our citizens.

  • Parks and libraries that build healthy bodies and minds
  • Infrastructure projects that resurface roads, replace bridges, manage water, and maintain sewers
  • The justice system - the courts, prosecutor's office, and sheriff's office 
  • Many programs that help seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities, addictions, and mental health challenges


As your Summit County Council representative, I will make sure that these services continue to receive the resources needed to function efficiently and effectively.


County government is about helping people and increasing the quality of life in Summit County.


That's why I'm in this race.


My Credentials:


Ph.D. in Public Policy, MS and BA in Criminal Justice, Certificate in Critical Infrastructure Protection

Offices Held

Stow City Council At-Large, Stow-Munroe Falls Board of Education


Professor and Chair, Department of Criminal Justice Studies at the University of Akron.  Fellow, Center for Intelligence and Security Studies.  Consultant for policing, homeland security, and educational organizations.

Community Service

School Safety Committee, Northern Ohio Violent Crime Consortium, Public Safety Services Commission, School Facilities Committee, Chamber Economic Development Committee, Public Improvements Committee (Council), and Planning Committee (Council)


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me. 

Please review my qualifications and vote on or before November 5. 

I can be reached at 


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